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The business and social habits in which it is customary to exchange a business card are recognized for every business, company, or business, whether it is a large or small business.
Today in the world of computers, a digital business card is the substitute for the printed card in today's advanced world, and is considered the forefront of technological innovation.
So what is a digital business card?
The digital business card is used as the secret of an application, or a customized website developed by Bialo Studio. From the moment you make the decision and until it is implemented on your device, it will take a few days for a unique design for the client, a quick setup and a few days of installation.
The card is accepted as a standard Internet address such as www.yaloo, and with a simple click of a button, all the information about the business or company is received.
The card includes: a map with a direct link to Waze, a speed dial to the business, sending an e-mail, a picture gallery of the business, some content about the business, links to the social networks of the business owner and of course contact us fast with the business.
It is also possible to customize the digital business card personally for the customer, both in terms of design and branding and in terms of content and buttons that appear.
Why do I need a digital business card?
How many times have you lost a customer because he did not find the business card you left behind? The era of computers is already here, and the field of website building has come to this, too.
From now on your card is always with you, and it can be transferred and sent at any time without a dream in anything physical except your smartphone.
So you stay always available, innovative and allow the customer all the possibilities to get you quickly, efficiently and smartly and surprisingly.
Now with the digital business card, you no longer have to carry old business cards. A digital business card goes with you anywhere, anytime and any meeting. All you need is your mobile device and the potential customer.
Your convenience and customer click
Instead of giving your cellphone number and explaining each time how to get to you, you can simply digitize your digital business card so you can impress it and turn it into a potential customer and make your business a more impressive brand.
By clicking on the link you send in the SMS, you will be presented with your digital business card, which contains all the basic information about your business directly from the digital card.
Yalo Studio's digital business card - design and web design is unique to every customer, giving a sense of a mobile site and user experience of an application, all without the need to download.
Let us worry about your silence! Contact us today: yaloo - Web Design Studio Eyal 052-4222058
Digital business card

Digital business card for any purpose and business

Digital business card
A digital business card is the mirror of your business
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