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Improving conversion rate on image sites - 4 tricks that work!
Many business owners are keen to take part in a variety of conferences and business events throughout the country to market themselves, and of course their business. Thus, they begin to open additional doors to additional business companies for the purpose of investment, recognition or even collaborations.
These business events are a great opportunity to market your business optimally, establish business relationships with large and small companies and try to build successful business relationships for the future. If in the past it was customary to distribute business cards, today the business card is the company's website. Through the company's website, the same business customers can get a general picture of the business's advantages, quality, areas of activity and more.
Since the site serves as the business card of the business, and thus the company's face, it is necessary to invest in a site that will be as beautiful and attractive as possible - because the first impression is the main determinant, and not only in the dating field. Therefore, every business must have a well-designed and beautiful image site.
The importance of the quality of an image site
As stated, an image site is the face of the company. Just as you make a mockery of yourself before a first meeting to make an impression on the date waiting to meet you, it is important to invest in the quality of the business site to attract those potential customers, the more impression they will have and the more interesting it will be.
In order for the image site to be as high-quality and cost-effective as possible, it is recommended to invest in several excellent tricks that will do wonders for the site's conversion ratios:
Invest in the design of the site
This is actually the first and most important website image. A first impression works by externality, the character and interior are discovered only after a few dates. But in order to continue the first date, the first impression is the main determinant. Therefore, impress those potential customers and the surfers with a well-designed, well-invested, beautiful and quality website. Good design also has a significant impact on Google promotion. Google likes sites that provide a good user experience, and take this into account more than ever.
Most of the first few seconds determine the visitors' impression of the site, so be sure that the top part of the site (which is the first thing you see when you enter the site) will be special and interesting. It is recommended to go for a large banner combined with an animated video on the business, colorful photo gallery and attractive and more. If the surfers are impressed by the top of the site, they will continue browsing it.
In this context, you should also read about branding and building a graphic identity.
Combine interesting and engaging content
It is true that this statement of "content is king" has been said so many times, but it is still a perfectly correct statement. Today, in the age of autobiography and videos, you can think that the video is the king, but even in 2019 the text, written in black and white (or any other color of course), is the one that delivers the message clearly and attractively.
Therefore, be sure to combine as attractive and attractive content as possible. Do not bombard with long, banal texts, because we are still in the age of video and therefore a little lazy - but focus on interesting and bold texts and sentences.
Stay away from banality when it comes to moving
There are so many sites around the web, why do surfers decide to contact you? The answer lies, of course, on the site. Today, surfers have become much more visual, so user experience is one of the most important things about the site. The surfers do not have to search for the information they need on your site, rather it should appear in front of them in a clear and accessible way.
This refers mainly to contact forms found on the site. Image sites are not like commercial sites whose main purpose is to purchase products online, but rather the possibility of leaving details for further contact. Therefore, apart from the design and appearance of the form, it is important to combine a special action button that is attractive and unique. The same sentences that move to banal action such as "contact us", "click here" or "Shelah" have already passed from the world.
Special sentences such as "Sounds good, I want" or "I have to check" are much more attractive, attractive and give a very general background on the nature of the company.
Match the site to mobile
No one today does not have a smart phone. These smartphones make it much easier for us all to live, through which we can manage our entire lives with free internet access, calls, messages, pictures, emails, reminders and many more applications for different uses.
Therefore, all those users who are on the net use most of the time in their search engine, not on laptops or stationary. So keep in mind that your image site should be accessible and beautiful in a mobile view as well, not just on a desktop. Be sure to check that the attractive and interesting part at the top of the page on your site looks good, attractive and clear even in the mobile display is smaller than the desktop.
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The first impression is the main determinant. Therefore, impress those potential customers and all users with a designed website

all users with a designed website

Today, surfers have become much more visual, so user experience is one of the most important things about the site

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